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This award winning, sterling silver tea caddy and caddy spoon are designed to strengthen the link between precious metal and useful, household objects.
Errin hand fabricates her Silversmithing designs using a combination of nylon hammers, raising stakes and hand carved wooden formers to embody some of the simple, folded qualities found in the paper models Errin constructs.
Errin explores how the making process can be made visible drawing inspiration from Corbusier and Brutalist design principles.
About Errin Chenoa Quinn’s work reflects a curiosity in how structures are made, especially iron and steel industrial architectural structures. For her, their open construction reveals and celebrates both the manufacture and the material. Inspired by diversity, from Corbusier to Brutalist design principles, in the design stage Errin explores how the making process can be made visible. Meanwhile the physical and malleable qualities of the precious materials that resonate with her aesthetic sensibility are allowed to take on a heightened significance in the final concept. In the making stage Errin layers and solders silver in a process-led silversmithing design approach echoing some of the industrial process. Each finished design involves finely worked references to her inspiration and design aesthetics characterised principally by the openness of their structure. Errin’s silversmithing comprises of scored and folded silver to create clean, sweeping lines which replicate the paper qualities of her card models from her design process. Errin Chenoa Quinn’s ultimate designer-maker goal is to create well-crafted silversmithing pieces that reflect a shared history with our industrial inheritance, which people can also treasure as precious objects of design. Photos by Peter Smith and Jeremy Johns